Origin of planetary systems

Coordinator: Caroline Fitoussi
Email Address: caroline.fitoussi@ens-lyon.fr

Research topics:

  • History of the primordial Solar System
  • Structure and evolution of (exo-) planets: observations and models
  • Observations and modelling of outer solar system objects
Origine des systèmes planétaires - LGLTPE

Description : 

The discovery in 1995 of the existence of extrasolar planets and the direct observation of protoplanetary disks, as well as analytical and experimental advances in the study of Solar System materials, have opened up a new field of knowledge that makes it possible to directly associate observations of the Solar System with observations and modelling of planetary systems outside the Solar System. This research, which is highly multidisciplinary in nature, can be considerably enriched by combining different types of observations and different skills within the LGLTPE and the CRAL. Beyond the already existing collaborations that have developed following the creation of the Labex LIO, we have identified a certain number of research themes where a real synergy between CRAL and LGLTPE researchers could increase advances in these fields.

The idea of the cross-disciplinary theme is to take advantage of the unique expertise of the Lyon site to identify and develop cross-disciplinary synergies between geochemical & geophysical (LGL-TPE) and astrophysical (CRAL) expertise on emerging issues related to the origin of planetary systems.