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– A mission occurs when a person is required to travel away from their usual place of work, and their administrative or family residence, on behalf of an establishment that is either their own, or an establishment that organises their travel.
– It provides legal protection for the employee against the risk of an accident on duty. Employees on mission may therefore benefit from the legislation on accidents at work and commuting accidents if they suffer an accident while travelling.
– This is equivalent to authorisation of absence from the employee’s line manager.

Missions - Travelling for work

Travelling for work UCBL

Mission requests must be received no later than 1 week before departure for France and 3 weeks before departure for abroad.

If you have never travelled for work previously

  • Complete the “agent creation request” form in DEDOM
  • Apply for authorisation to use personal vehicle in DEDOM
  • Check and complete profile on Notilus
  • Synchronise profile with Notilus

Before your departure

  • When travelling to a high-risk country, complete the “high-risk country” form, send it to the SDF for their opinion and register on the ARIANE feed.
  • Create mission order by choosing standard mission order, book travel services in Notilus and send mission for validation
  • Order visas and registrations
  • Check that the mission has been validated in Notilus

During your trip

  • Edit mission order
  • Keep hold of
    • All tickets and travel passes
    • Accommodation confirmation voucher
    • Identity documents and visas

Following your return

  • Validate times/details of travel on Notilus
  • Create expense claim and attach supporting documents
  • Send expense claim and track payment
Travelling for work CNRS

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Travelling for work ENS

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