SILLAGES: a new Art & Sciences project

Atoms in motion

AnArts x Sciences project led by Anne-Magali Seydoux-Guillaume (UJM/CNRS/LGL-TPE) and Etienne Pageault, artist.

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Nanometric-scale view of a twin plane in a monazite (credits: AM Seydoux-Guillaume)

How can we bring to life geological processes unfolding on time and space scales beyond human perception? Anne-Magali transforms and then studies extra-thin sheets of rock on a nanometric scale to re-enact intense disturbances of the past in the laboratory and interpret past movements of matter. Etienne re-enacts the slow movements of the world in graphic and scenic performances, to get closer to the moving logic of matter. Our aim is to bring these scientific and artistic approaches together in co-constructed research and performances, to set in motion the frozen landscapes of geology, and the overly compartmentalized representations of the scientific and artistic worlds. By renewing the imagination of science, and highlighting local human, geological and technological resources, we hope to contribute to the attractiveness of our region and our industries.

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