Exceptionnal Annual Meeting of the lab - Eco-responsability

3rd June 2024

An exceptionnal LGL-TPE Annual Meeting will be held on  Monday June 3rd, 2024 from 2pm to 4pm. The location will be communicated later.

La journée scientifique du laboratoire - LGLTPE


In March 2024, the LGL-TPE set up an eco-responsibility working group whose missions are to:

1) Collect available information on the lab (find, for example, the carbon footprint established within OSUL in 2019).
2) Estimate an initial trend: what direction has the lab taken in recent years (decreasing or increasing carbon footprint)?
3) Propose some possible actions to reduce our impact and perhaps refine our estimate (e.g. recruitment of an intern to estimate a more precise balance).
The group has made good progress and proposes to report on its progress and discuss it together at a special AGM to be held on June 3, 2024, from 2 to 4 pm (venue and auditorium to be announced).

Please note this date and time in your diaries. The idea of this General Assembly is to address the following points:

  • presentation and roles of the eco-responsibility group.
  • information on the laboratory’s carbon footprint, currently being calculated for 2023.
  • presentation and proposal of an eco-responsibility charter to define a carbon footprint trajectory for the laboratory. A consultative vote on this charter will be requested before presentation to the lab council. The charter can be consulted at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TJvP1YBobGtRAKkJxw_WjHxFilCaWsCuNY43V-l5TXk/edit?usp=sharing

In preparation for this General Assembly, the eco-responsibility group has also prepared an anonymous questionnaire for all laboratory members (permanent and non-permanent staff). This questionnaire is available here.

Please complete it before May 28.

Your participation in this General Assembly is very important for us to move forward, and we’re counting on your involvement!