Eco-responsability at LGL-TPE

In March 2024, the head of LGLTPE  set up an eco-responsibility group, made up of volunteers following a message to the whole laboratory, and gave it the following missions:

  1. Collect available information on the lab (particularly on carbon emissions).
  2. Estimate an initial trend: what direction has the lab taken in recent years?
  3. Suggest possible actions to reduce our impact and perhaps refine our estimate.

Image opposite: The global warming “bar code”, between 1750 and 2100, according to the IPCC’s 4 scenarii.

View our eco-responsibility charter

Some data:

Greenhouse gas emissions at individual level (french national average) : 9.9 tCO2 eq/person.

To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, everyone would have to limit themselves to 2 tCO2 eq/person/year. The public service must do its part.

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Greenhouse gas emissions at laboratory level (national average): 6.6 tCO2 eq/person/year.

Based on the GES1point5 tool (February 2024, 1020 French laboratories).

Learn more about the Labos1.5 initiative