Equipex cofunded by ANR

Contact : Emmanuel Robert

Summary of the projet

The aim of the e-COL+ project is to produce a catalog of 40,000 3D models and/or raw data for representatives of current and fossil species families. A focus on vertebrates and arthropods is intended to provide support models for the development of methodologies based on Artificial Intelligence, using machine learning techniques, for indexing and processing 3D models. Part of the digitization produced will support the work of the laboratory’s research teams. This Equipex project, cofinanced by the ANR (ANR21ESRE0053), is part of the RECOLNAT Research Infrastructure.

The e-COL+ consortium, coordinated by the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, comprises 10 partner institutions. The Plateau analytique collections et imagerie 3D is taking part in the project, as a representative of Université Lyon 1, in 2 areas: 3D digital image production and (meta)data management.

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