First version of FASCIL online

A web interface for seismologic and geodesy scientific tools

FASCIL (FAIR Scientific tooLs) is an Innovation project funded by LabeX LIO and led by Marianne Métois, Maëlis Arnould and Stéphanie Durand, (LGL-TPE/CNRS/UCBL) and executed by DyoNeo.

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The amount of data available from observations and models has boomed in Earth Sciences. This has led to the need to develop new tools to make the best use of them, themselves associated with higher-level products (e.g. tomographic models, displacement time series). All these products must be made available to the community according to the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles. Most often, the distribution solutions envisaged are personal pages or platforms such as github specialized in code sharing (associated with a personal account). However, giving visibility to these results would enable them to be put to better use (exploration of models or published data, reuse, downloading, etc.).

It is in this context that we have begun working with DyoNeo to migrate some scientific tools onto a website to facilitate accessibility and enhance the value of certain research products. The first stage of this project is now online. It is a tool called SeisTomoPy that enables visualization, exploration and calculation of properties of global seismological models. The project is now in its second phase to integrate a geodesy tool.

FASCIL website