Mesozoic Panic : an online dinosaur game

5th april 2024

Romain Amiot, dinosaur specialist at LGL-TPE, took part in the 8th Scientific Game Jam as an accompanying scientist. His team created (in 48 hours) the browser-based game Mesozoic Panic, where you take on the role of a dinosaur and have to make it evolve in the best possible way.

Click here to play!

Mesozoic Panic was created in 48 hours by a team of coders, artists, developers, game designers, graphic artists, sound designers, etc. at the eighth edition of the Scientific Game Jam, held from April 5 to 7. Each team, accompanied by a researcher, was tasked with producing a game featuring or using science in its mechanics. Links to all the (free) games are available here.

For more information on the Scientific Game Jam organized by the association La Science entre en jeu, click here.

You can also relive the Game Jam from the inside on Le_Patafoin’s Twitch channel.