Postdoctoral position in experimental geochemistry

Deadline : 1st June 2024




A postdoctoral position (ETOILES) is being offered by Professor Dr. Christophe Lécuyer at the Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon (LGL, CNRS UMR 5276) of the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL). The position is for 18 months and aims to experimentally determine the kinetics of oxygen isotope fractionation between dissolved sulfate and water. This will help to understand the biogeochemical cycle of sulfate in river and groundwaters. The net annual salary range set by UCBL
is approximately €22,300-€33,800, depending on previous professional experience.


The research proposal focuses on enhancing our understanding of river sulfate biogeochemistry through sulfur and oxygen isotopic analysis. Sulfate,  predominantly derived from precipitation, weathering, and anthropogenic sources, exhibits temporal and spatial variations in river systems, serving as an indicator of geological features and environmental changes. The study aims to fill knowledge gaps regarding the thermodynamic properties of the inorganic SO4-H2O isotopic system. Objectives include determining the Arrhenius equation for oxygen isotope exchange between sulfate and water, crucial for extrapolating kinetics to Earth’s surface temperatures. Additionally, the temperature-dependent oxygen isotope fractionation equation for the sulfate-water system will be established. To facilitate isotopic analysis, inorganic reference materials (34S- and 18O-labelled BaSO4) will be synthesized for sulfur and oxygen isotope composition. Calibration via a ring-test involving global stable isotope laboratories will ensure accuracy. Overall, the research aims to contribute valuable data and standards to advance our understanding of river sulfate isotopic systematics and more generally of the sulfur geochemical cycle.

The successful tenderer will work in close collaboration with the senior scientist (C. Lécuyer) and the research engineers from the two stable isotope analysis platforms hosted by the LGL (A. Vinçon-Laugier) and LEHNA (F. Fourel) located on the UCBL site. His mission will consist in performing wet chemistry, stable isotope measurements, interpretation of data, writing peer-reviewed publications, and
giving oral presentations in workshops.


– PhD in Earth Sciences or Inorganic Chemistry
– Highly motivated and skilled in experimental and analytical techniques
– Advanced knowledge of stable isotope geochemistry and IRMS measurements
– Basic knowledge of thermodynamics


Interested candidates are invited to submit an application package including:
– A letter of motivation explaining why they are applying and how they meet the recruitment criteria
outlined above.
– Curriculum vitae including a list of publications/scholarly achievements
– Copies of diplomas (high school, BSc and MSc/Diploma, PhD), degree transcripts (plus English or
French translation)
– Names and contact details of at least two academic referees who have taught, supervised or worked
with you. Send your package as a single pdf to

Application Deadline: 1st of June 2024. Note, application review will begin immediately. The position
will remain open, and applications will be reviewed until the position is filled