Bascou Jérôme

Statut : Professeur

Thème : Surface et Lithosphère

Site : Saint Etienne

Bureau : Bat C

adresse mail : jerome.bascou @

numéro de téléphone : 04 77 48 51 24

Bascou Jérôme

Description du thème de recherche :

  • Study of the deformation from crystal to lithospheric scale; relationships between (micro)-structures, deformation and physical anisotropies (seismic and magnetic). Investigated geological “materials” and sites are: cratonic lithosphere (Siberia; East- Antarctica). shear zones (Brazil, Terre Adélie, Bénin, Togo), mantle above the Kerguelen plume (India Ocean), magmatic flows (natural basaltic flows from the center and the south of France) and analogues.
  • Study of the magnetic properties of anthropogenic samples (scoria and slag) and their relationship with heavy metal pollution.