Fitoussi Caroline

Statut : Chercheur CNRS (CR)

Thème : Terre et Planètes

Site : ENS


Bureau : 21 bâtiment M8

adresse mail :

Fitoussi Caroline

Description du thème de recherche :

My research aims at understanding the formation of planets such as the Earth, Mars and the Moon starting from a protoplanetary disk. For this purpose, we develop new analytical tools to identify nucleosynthetic anomalies, isotope fractionation associated with the main physical processes leading to the construction of planets. We work with natural samples (meteorites, lunar or terrestrial samples) as probes for the processes that took place during planetary accretion (volatile element depletion, mixing processes, thermal processing, impacts) and differentiation (core formation). An additional topic of my research concerns the development of isotope tracers for constraining the provenance of nuclear materials and constraining the transformation of these materials during extraction and industrial separation steps.