Méridi Aimine

Statut : PhD student / Doctorant

Thème : Surface et Lithosphère

Site : Doua / Bâtiment Géode

Bureau : R4, 401

adresse mail : aimine.meridi@univ-lyon1.fr

numéro de téléphone : 06 12 94 11 52

Description du thème de recherche :

In my current research, I am working on the Balkans Region, an area where GNSS instrumentation alone falls short in providing a comprehensive view of surface deformation. To address this challenge, I have access to FLATSIM InSAR products using Sentinel-1 radar imagery, which offers complete coverage from Croatia to Greece. My primary objective is to gain insights into and quantify the large-scale interseismic velocity of the Balkans through analyzing surface deformation. Additionally, I am focusing on areas where other significant signals, such as coseismic, hydrologic, or anthropogenic activities, are visible.

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